A native of California's central valley, Heather joined in the
Bay Area art scene in 2002 after receiving her Fine Arts
Degree. She has been a custom picture framer for more then
15 years. Heather has a passion for the non-traditional, for
the variety and complexity of light, for color, texture and
design. These passions come though in the frames she
designs for her clients as well as in each new piece of art she
creates. Whether expressing herself through acrylic and oil
painting, glass lamp-working, printmaking, drawing or
photography, Heather has let creative intuition guide her

While other kids took pictures of their friends, Heather took
pictures of the beauty around her in nature - the trees, the
sky and the ocean. Heather has always had an eye for
photography. She honed her technical skills in high school as
part of the yearbook staff and continued her studies through
her college years. Heather finds joy in capturing life around
her with her camera.                                               

Heather discovered her love for texture in 1997 while first
working with oil paints. She was able to draw people into her
paintings with her use of texture and give them the desire to
not only look at the artwork, but to touch it as well. The use
of color, texture and design allow Heather to share her vision
with others. She also enjoys the soft fluid look of realism.

In 2001, Heather was attracted to a new subject for her art.
She became captivated with expressing the essence of the
female form in a variety of mediums on paper. The loose
fluidity, the free form and unrefined sketch style lends itself
beautifully to the sensual lines and natural raw beauty of the
female nude.                                              

Heather began exploring Glass Lamp-working in 2002.
Working with melted glass allows her to further her move
toward three-dimensional art. As the glass begins to take on
its own form, she is able to add textural elements into the
smooth surface of molten glass and shape the finished piece
to her artistic ends.  

Printmaking is Heather’s newest adventure. Over the last
several years, she has begun to carve linoleum which allows
her to continue her exploration of texture through various
cutting techniques. Printmaking has forced her to consider
more graphic imagery. Her prints have evolved from black
and white to multiple colors and layers.

Heather’s work is derived by her enthusiasm in life and is
expressed in whatever medium helps translate her feelings or
fits her artistic mood. She is fortunate enough to show art
regularly in all mediums. Heather looks forward to her next
creative challenge, in whatever form it may take.
Contact: heather@heatherpiazza.com
All images and text Copyright 2010 Heather Piazza
Heather Piazza