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"a place for meetings, readings,
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- Frank Bette
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"Reading Between the Lines"
September 7 - 29, 2007

Black ink printed on white &
silver printed on black paper.
3 x 4 1/2

(The black and white framed
piece to the far right in the
photo - above the one of a kind
gourd purse on the green
"A Partridge and a Pear Tree" Nov. 2nd - Dec. 23rd, 2007

Above Left: Heather Piazza has four pieces in this show
that are all in the above Gallery photo:
Top two far left: "Valley Sunrise" & "Peary Peary Night"
Back center: "Aspen" a mixed-media in a gold frame.
Far right - middle of photo: "Untitled" Acrylic Tree.
Above Right: Heather standing below two of her art pieces
in the main Gallery (Valley Sunrise & Peary Peary Night).
Left: Graham Bird is a Photographer who had one piece in
this 'Partridge & a Pear Tree' Show.
Show Reviews & More Pictures at Four Oceans Press & Gallery
Above: Take a look
inside the Gallery... Each
month is a new Show!
Left: Fun First Friday
evenings at The Frank
Bette Center for the Arts.

I have my article
featured 'in the news'  
on the FBCA website.
Heather's page
I painted and donated an 8 x 8 Oil on Canvas. I also
donated 3 of my Sculpted Glass Pendants (to the
left). Stop on by the Frank Bette Center and place a
bid to get these or other wonderful pieces of art for a
good price while helping fund a great organization!
Exhibit & Annual Silent Art Auction:  January 4 - 19, 2008
Above: Behind the amazing metal sculpture by Jason Webster
is the 'yellow wall' in the main gallery which has my sunset
oil painting, "
Treasure", featured at the top just to the left of
the large painting - one of three pieces I have in the show.
Right Top:"Winds of Change" bottom left of picture and the
sculpture on the back wall is "Hang" by
Kathe Welch and to
the right are Kathe's standing carved wooden panels.
Right Bottom: In the 'mid-gallery' there are a lot of great hand
made things for sale and right know you will also find my
Core of Fire" oil painting featured. (Top middle of the photo.)
"Vision & Revision" February 1st - March 1st, 2008
"Come Right in, Sit Right Down" March 7th - 29th, 2008
Above: My "Apple on Stool" triptych is featured along side
this beautiful gourd purse. See my other featured piece
Left Top: There is always great live music on First Fridays!
Left Bottom: There are two of Graham Bird's Photographs
at the bottom and three of
Kathe Welch's prints at the top
featured in this section on the blue wall in the main gallery.
"Aerial Suspension" May 2nd - 31st, 2008
A r t i s t
Check out videos from Opening
Night on Four Oceans Press.
'Aerial Suspension' Show
Reviews Page
Above: My 'Dancing in the ocean breeze' photo
hung to the right of an aerial shot by
Graham Bird.
Right: My 'Melting Ice Cycles' photo next to a
vivid painting by
Melissa West (top two).
"Schisms" June 6th - 28th, 2008
Right: I had one piece, "20 Minutes", a photo comparison
I shot and framed in this show all of June. I also got a
gold star next to my name indicating that I was one of the
over 400 Artists who was also participating in the annual
East Bay Open Studios in June.
Below Left: Two pen and ink drawings floated in their
frames by Xtina Solano above an intriguing photo "Round
about the Pipe" by Graham Bird of
Brearley Photo.
Below: "Maps" a special
edition book written and
illustrated by
Kathe Welch.
Below Right: Gallery
window during the show
with people buzzing
around enjoying the art!
First Rain - Linoleum Print 2 Color - 7 x 11
Left: I had one piece in the
show - featured to the left
is my "
First Rain" a 2 color
lino print that was hung for
this "Be Still, Life" Show
at the Frank Bette...
Right: You can also see a
photo by
Singman-Aste, a print by
Kathe Welch along with
my print at the top right
Four Oceans Press
"Be Still, Life" July 4th - 26th, 2008
"Undressed"  September 5th - 27th, 2008
Stop by to see this "Undressed"
Show at the Frank Bette in
Alameda during September... I
have one new piece, a mixed-
media, featured at the bottom in
the picture to the left. Just below
a sold nude water color by
Susan Hackett. A few more
Artists on display this month are

Kathe Welch
and Graham Bird.
This is a must see show!!!  
"Tannic Acid Revolution" October 3rd - 31th, 2008
To the top left is my oil painting
Over Head". This abstract
piece is currently on display at
the Frank Bette for the entire
month of October. Just above a
striking Photo by Graham Bird
brearleyphoto.com). Stop by to
see this oil along with a Gallery
full of wonderful art by many
local Bay Area Artist :)
My "One day a Sliver Pickle arrived"
mono-print is on the yellow wall near
two, black and white, relief prints by
Kathe Welch on the burgandy wall.
My "Mangos" oil is on the table
below my "Pomegranate". You'll
find my hand-pulled card sets in the
basket with the red handle :)
"Pomegranates, Persimmons & Pickles"
November 2nd - December 24th, 2008
Previous Shows that I have been featured in... 11 and still counting...
Exhibit & Annual Silent Art Auction:  January 9th - 24th, 2009
Mirror to the left donated by Creative
Framing & Gallery and paired with
other treasures... Photo to the right was
taken, framed, and donated by me...
This is a great opportunity to pick up
wonderful ART at an affordable price :)
"Wabi - Sabi"  February 6th - 28th, 2009
I had my two color relief print "First
Leaf" in this show along with two
great relief prints by
Kathe Welch
and four stunning photographs by
Graham Bird to name a few... I am
also featured in the
2009 Print
Makers Calendar made by Four
Oceans Press - Buy yours today :)
All images Copyright 2010 Heather Piazza