All images Copyright 2010 Heather Piazza
"Aspen" is currently on display at Creative Framing & Gallery in Oakland, California.
The 'Aspen Series' will consist of five 36x36 mixed-media paintings.
The first two are shown above "Autumn Aspen" & "Aspen".
"Peary Peary Night"
watercolor & acrylic paint
on rag board featured at
The Frank Bette - 2007.
Winter Aspen
Summer Aspen
Spring Aspen
Autumn Aspen
Above are the idea drawings & colors for the Four Seasons part of the 'Aspen Series'.
"Autumn Aspen" ...see the steps how it was created :)
A r t i s t
water based ink, acrylic paint & crayon on rag board.
'Untitled' (shoe)
gold/silver leaf, acrylic paint & crayon on rag board

"Apple on a Stool"
rice paper and acrylic paint
on three 8 x 8 canvases

Featured at
The Frank Bette
Center for the Arts - 2008  

Photo to the right by
Graham Bird
"Enchanted Chair"
gold leaf & acrylic paint on rag board
24 x 24 on Canvas
Was featured in the
EBOS 2007