Featured in the
Postcard Show 2008
The Lab in San Francisco, California
Postcard Show
Opening Reception:
Friday (6 - 9pm)
December 5, 2008

Exhibition Dates:
Saturday (noon - 6pm)
December 6, 2008

Sunday (noon - 6pm)
December 7, 2008
The Lab
2948 16th Street @ Capp
San Francisco, CA
All images Copyright 2010 Heather Piazza
A r t i s t
"For this open-invitational exhibition, artists are
encouraged to submit small format multiples -- whether
that be a series of miniature sculptures, silkscreened cards,
or hand-made jewelry. Post-Postcard challenges artists to
stretch the parameters of media and conceptual strategies
by doing what they do best -- subverting and manipulating
a theme to their own ends. Hundreds of small format
editions will be on view as the gallery is transformed into a
bazaar-like art lover's paradise, just in time for holiday
shopping. Visitors can explore original works and discover
hidden gems at affordable prices while supporting
emerging artists and an innovative art space.

Fixed-price! All work will be available for $1 to $30 (cash
and checks are accepted. A $20 minimum for VISA or
Master Card purchases)."
For this years postcard show I created sets of cards from my "Life of an
Oak Tree" linoleum carvings. Each set has four cards - each stage of the
Oak Tree: acorn, sprout, full tree, and a falling leaf... These set come in
two different color choices: a soft, but vivid green or a warm wine :)

Come to the show to get these great cards for only $16.00 per set -
That's only $4 per card - What a great buy for hand-pulled prints :)  
My box of card sets is just to the right of this box of 'MAPS' books by  Kathe Welch :)
Opening night is always full of lots of people trying to find
the treasures amongst the many boxes... How could you
have more fun then that :)
Don't you love it when browsing turns to
buying... I hope a few of my card set find their
way home with someone who love them :)