Heather Piazza
Fine Art Services
Art Consulting for Artists also Available
Do you need another eye or point of view, someone to
bounce ideas off of, brainstorming, constructive critiques
of color/composition/design, someone bringing new ideas
to the project and/or anything else as needed?
(Price Negotiable/Some Trade Acceptable)
Art Consulting
  • Where to hang your art. General art & hanging advice.
  • What to rearrange or move, including furniture.
  • Discussing both balance & composition of room.
  • Color & accent colors per room - maintaining flow.
  • More then happy to answer questions.
  • Service Fee 75 per/hr
Art Hanging Services
  • Includes 20 minutes of Art Consulting.
  • Hanging of pictures - singles and/or groups.
  • Providing hanging hooks for sheet rock walls.
  • Installing wire hangers as needed.
  • Special hanging hardware may include an extra charge.
  • Service Fee 60 per/hr for Residential / Home
  • Service Fee 75 per/hr for Commercial / Office
Commissioned Paintings & Murals
  • Original Murals
  • Color Enhancement on existing Murals
  • Faux Finishing
  • Signs and Borders
  • Commissioned Paintings
  • Service Fee depends on job
  • For examples click here
Contact Info:
or call (510) 430-0732

Thank you for your interest,
All images Copyright 2010 Heather Piazza
Commissioned Painting
NitPixies, 2008.
Before and After...