Sketchbook Project 2009 with
Art House Co-op
A r t i s t
All images Copyright 2010 Heather Piazza
The Sketchbook
Project Exhibition

The Art House Co-op in Atlanta,
Georgia invited artists from around
the world to join in a sketchbook

The books will tour for several
months around the USA. I hope
they come to the San Francisco
Bay Area so that I can see what
everyone else did in person...

My Sketchbook features a little bit
about me along with two 'growing'
illustrations. One is "The Life of an
Oak Tree" and the other is
"Delightful Daffodils". Both feature
color lined cut outs and black ink
simple sketches...

I hope you enjoy :)
Art House Gallery
309 Peters St
Atlanta, GA 30313
February 27, 2009
Museum of Contemporary Art DC
1054 31st St NW # 9
Washington, DC 20007
March 3, 2009
Chris' Jazz Cafe
1421 Sansom Street
Philadelphia, PA 19102
March 4, 2009
Laconia Gallery
433 Harrison Ave
Boston, MA 02118
March 6, 2009
Antena Gallery
1765 S. Laflin
Chicago, IL 60608
March 8, 2009
Soulard Art Market
2028 S. 12th Street
Saint Louis, Missouri 63104
March 11, 2009
3rd Ward Gallery
195 Morgan Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11237
March 13, 2009
Museum of Design Atlanta (MODA)
285 Peachtree Center Ave
Atlanta, GA 30303
April 2, 2009
Chicago Art Source Gallery
1871 N Clybourn Ave
Chicago, IL 60614
May - June, 2009
(mid-month exhibition)
Confirmed TOUR dates and locations:
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The Sketchbook continues...